Lets Begin..

Starting up a blog, that hopefully I can keep up with. Let me mention, I’m not all that great with a journal, so posts will be more or so that moment when I realize, “Oh wait, I have a blog, I could actually post this there.” I decided I probably post way too much on the typical social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and I’d rather create something more meaningful. So here is my blog.

My sole purpose for this blog is to post the simple things that inspire me.. Which I find throughout my daily life. I’ve found my true happiness comes from the simple things and not the things that I tend to over complicate. For example, love, smiling, nature, food. All so simple and so beautiful, but yet as humans we have found a way to over complicate them. Life is simple. You are simple. I am simple. Its all quite simple. A change of perspective could change everything you thought there ever was. So why not change it? It’s pretty simple.

Get ready to enter into the crazy life of Ryry Shae.


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