Chocolate & Grapes?

You know downtown where you see all those adorable little coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, etc. and every time you pass by, without fail, you mention or think to yourself that you will go try it out soon, but never find the time? Well, needless to say, I actually got to try out a chocolate shop that has made my mouth water every time I’ve passed it for the past few years. And can I just say, HOLY CHOCOLATE COVERED GRAPES. Did you know that was a real thing? Because pretty sure I never knew it was actually a thing. And YES, they’re AMAZING. I know I’m a little over dramatic, but I mean… They really are that good. It’s like the next new thing. As of today, strawberries are so totally an old trend. Can I make chocolate grapes a trend? Hope so. I guess I will have to throw a girls only party with cute drinks and chocolate covered grapes. The simplest of fruit mixed with some simple chocolate, leads to a simple and delicious snack. Bueno.


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