“in the moment” with my new year


I can officially say that 2015 came in with a bang. That bang happened to be me backing my car into my brother’s girlfriend’s car. Happy New Years to me!! It honestly has been quite the new year already. I must say, it hasn’t been the greatest, but at least I know the best is yet to come. I’ve decided not to make the typical New Year’s Resolutions this year, because I’m that girl that can only set goals for a certain amount of time before my mind gets scatterbrained and I set new goals. My only < main > wish for this year is to stay in the moment and instead of worrying about the future, just know what I want and constantly live in that manner.

Things to remember:

Stay positive, if something negative happens in that moment, seriously, brush it off, and don’t think about it anymore than what I need to.

Forget the need for materialistic things right there and then, and save that money! In that moment, pick up the item, feel it in, breathe it out, step away, and know one day I will get to buy it.

Don’t let the self doubt get to me. In that moment, realize that flaws are only open doors for improvement.

Be the person I want to marry and hopefully he will decide to join my crazy life sooner or later. Make decisions, in given moments, I would want a spouse/lover to make.

Stay a leader, role model, and friend. With my major being elementary education, in those moments with children, I find it overly important to inspire in every aspect.

Try not to be a fool in school. In the moments I’m given a huge assignment, actually go home and work on it instead of waiting til 10pm the night before its due to do it. In the long run, it makes me happier.

Take the opportunities in those moments where I only get this one shot. It’s worth it, and regret is not all that great.

Simply take God’s side in every situation.

Overall, my goal through all of this is to stay in the moment, sometimes I worry about the future too much and it stresses me out. Life is all about those small and simple steps. Don’t look at the big picture, look at the pieces that will eventually form the picture. I know what to do, and instead of not acting in the proper manner, procrastinating, etc, actually do what needs to be done. Eventually, when it turns 2016, I will look back and see the bigger picture made throughout the small progress. Happy 2015!! Think small & simple. xoxo

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