The BOM challenge

Church on Sunday was a fun one. One, because I FINALLY filled out my papers to transfer to the singles ward in South Weber, instead of driving an hour to SLC for church. Secondly, because it was just so much fun to be with my hometown friends. Thirdly, because I was given a brand new Book of Mormon! It’s kind of like a Christmas feeling getting a brand new, unmarked Book of Mormon.

In Relief Society, we were given the challenge to read it this year, but to make it applicable to a certain value. For example, one of the leaders chose Choice & Accountability and I chose Faith & Hope. Starting from the beginning introductory pages, you begin to highlight phrases, words, verses, etc. that are applicable to your chosen values and can help you grow stronger in those values. Throughout your lifetime you are faced with various challenges and you are constantly facing new battles, this leads to a constant change in spirit, attitude, and personality. Because of this constant change, no matter how many times you read the Book of Mormon, you will take different aspects and lessons from it. That’s why it is so important to constantly read, because its a non-stop learning path.

That’s why I have chosen to read the Book of Mormon for hope & faith and hopefully, continue from years on and labeling different books with different virtues and challenges. I’m super excited for what is to come with this BOM experience! Hoping I can have some other blog posts about how its going and what I’m learning.

I challenge you to do this BOM challenge. LDS, not LDS, who cares! It’s a great book either way and it is full of verses, lessons, words of wisdom, that can eventually create a more rewarding life for you.

Game on. xoxo

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