Happiness is a night out with the girls

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a boyfriend to constantly take you out. Sadly. So, you usually get really sick of sitting around. Because I have a very adventurous personality, I’ve kind of created a life revolving around my 2 best friends, constantly thinking of activities we can do, so my life can be a little more interesting. And lets just say, things turn out very interesting.. All. The. Time. Every night is a new memory and a new adventure.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite things to do with my friends on a girls night out. And by all means, you could totally use these for date nights too.

1. Take out and a night of throwback videos


This picture was me snap chatting about wanting a boyfriend, moments before our girls night, so it’s a good thing I have a friend who will act like a boyfriend. We went and got takeout from the University Broiler in Ogden and originally were going to watch Netflix, then started watching “The Great Gatsby”, and eventually ended up pulling out old videos. We watched our 6th grade video, and listened to some old band cds we were in… Ya, I know. We were in a band.. hahahah.. Any who, it turned out to be such a fun night, full of laughter and old memories… OH, and good food.

2. Paint night w/ sparkling cider or wine

DIY: One of my best friends and I are still waiting for a perfect time to do this, but I will have to post when we actually do it. Go buy some small canvas and paints from Jo Anns or another local craft store, then some sparkling cider from Walmart <you could totally use wine if you prefer alcohol>. Pop open your drink of choice and paint the night away. It’s so fun to see what you can create, and btw I am not artistic with my hands at all, but it still sounds fun.

LIQUID CANVAS: If you want to spend the money, try Liquid Canvas in downtown Ogden. I went with my aunts and mom, and we had so much fun painting. They even provide drinks, but we just got the soda instead. Go to their website here, and find girls nights, because obviously the girls nights are going to be more fun. Here’s a picture of us at Liquid Canvas in October.


3. Sweats, games, and wings at Buffalo Wild Wings 

I think this is one of my favorites, because I honestly love wearing sweats and eating wings from Bdubs so much. Take a lazy night and go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some wings and watch a random game or match that is happening. Just make sure there’s not a really big game happening, or you might have to plan ahead, because the wait time there can be really big during a big event. I recommend getting their parmesan garlic wings and fried pickles. I get those every single time I go. AND if you want boneless wings <my favorite> go on a Thursday night for cheap wings. If you like traditional wings better, stop by on a Tuesday night.

*Oops. Sorry, but didn’t decide to take any pictures in our sweats, bumming it at Bdubs. Go figure*

4. Workout

Okay, so I’ve talked a lot about food, because -OBVI- I love food. But, working out at night time with a girlfriend is one of my favorite things to do. We usually spend about 15 mins on bikes, 20 mins on ellipticals, work on the oblique machine, then occasionally some arms with 10-15 lb hand weights. The time flies by because you have a friend to talk with the entire time. It’s such a great way to catch up with a friend and get a workout in at the same time. It’s even fun to stop by Starbucks or Jamba Juice after and grab a refreshing drink. I always love to grab an iced vanilla chai or passion tea lemonade from Starbucks after a long workout. At Jamba, try an Acai Bowl like shown in the picture, super healthy and sooo yummy.


5. Night drive and music

I’ve used this as a girls night since high school. Sometimes it’s fun to just jam out to music and ride around the town, or if you’re in a quieter mood, turn on some “lovey dovey” or by all means some freaking beethoven music and head up to a local lookout on a mountain or hill, or into the canyon. I love to look over the city and point out things, but I also love night canyon drives. It’s fun to let it all go with the girls.


6. Face masks and movie night: I recommend the movie “If I Stay”

IF I STAY: First of all, if you haven’t seen “If I Stay” I highly recommend renting it from Redbox and watching it. <I watch it non stop whenever I rent it> Quick note, sign up for Redbox emails if you rent a lot, because they literally give you free movies all the time.. I just found this out. Any who, back to “If I Stay”- Just be prepared to cry almost the entire time. If you’re a teenager or young adult, I think it’s even better because it is completely applicable to your lifestyle, wants, needs, etc.

FACE MASKS: Now for face masks, if you want a more expensive face mask, stop by Lush for some great face masks. I have Mask of Magnanimity, which is declared as a cleanser, but is definitely more of a mask to me. They also have fresh masks that are great too, but have to be refrigerated. For a cheaper mask, I’d go to Walmart and grab some of Freeman’s Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask. It is actually really cheap, lasts you a long time, and I think it works really great.

*I really wanted to post a picture of my friend’s snapchat of her swollen eyes after the movie, but I think she might have killed me hahaha*

7. Coupon shopping

You know those coupons that just sit around and you always say you’re going to use them but never do? Ya, actually use those! Grab a random one and go out with a girlfriend and use it! One of my favorite coupons, which actually isn’t really a coupon, it’s more of a freebie, is the free underwear from Victoria Secrets. I love it because you actually go into the mall and leave without spending a penny, but you get a cute little Victoria Secret bag with some underwear. It always makes me feel so good. I did this the other night with one of my girlfriends and that’s pretty much how I felt afterwards. But any coupon is fun to use, because you actually get that “Go Me!” or shall I say “Go Us!” <because of “girls night”> feeling when you save money.


8. $5 movie nights

WHO DOESNT LOVE $5 MOVIES? Because I sure do. It’s such a typical thing, but it is so worth it. Make sure to also plan ahead because movies get crowded when they are only $5.

MOVIE TIPS: Get a large popcorn, and if you don’t get your free refill during that movie, either refill it before you leave for a snack the next day, or save it for the next time you come and ask for a refill… Just don’t mention that you bought the popcorn a while ago.. haha. Most likely they won’t ask you when you bought it, but act like it’s no big deal, and they won’t act like its a big deal. They will make a little punch or mark once you get the refill.. You spent a lot of money on that bucket! Get your moneys worth.

9. Get fancyyyy and go to a nice dinner or even a bar

Put on that little black dress with some cute high heels and <of course> some new Mac lipstick, then get a nice dinner or go dancing at a bar.. I probably would say drop the super uncomfortable outfit for a bar if you’re wanting to dance.. But you do you, sister. I’m not sure why, but it is always a blast getting really fancy for a night and celebrating nothing but friendship. If you want to get SUPER fancy and expensive, go to the Melting Pot in downtown SLC. The fondue is amazing, and it’s a nice comfortable environment. If you’re thinking about a bar, I would try out Gracie’s in downtown SLC.


*Dancing in Gracie’s with the girls*

10. Make a webcam video on your laptop

My friend and I think we are famous for this, even thought we don’t upload our videos anywhere, only we can access them. Just wait for it, one day we will be famously known as Ginger & Pebblez <our webcam names>. With webcam videos you actually get the opportunity to act like a complete idiot, and occasionally spill some pretty big secrets. The most random, funny, spontaneous things will happen that will make you laugh for hours about, then you actually recorded the video so you can go back and watch it whenever you want. So. Much. Fun. Here’s a little 15 sec preview of one of our videos.

*Haha! And then we go on to talk about boys…*

Other little random ideas for with the girls:

11. Day on the beach/lake or try out hot springs in the winter


12. Bowling w/ pizza.. Try Fat Cat’s bowling at the Ogden Junction after 9 pm for some cosmic bowling


*I suck at bowling, she’s a “little” better than me, but all in all we still had so much fun*

13. If you like the outdoors, go to Scheels or Cabelas and just browse around. It’s fun to imagine all the adventurous things you can buy… And take pictures in front of fake trees…


14. Ice cream or maybe even some fries and a drink date (soda I mean)! We love to go to Menchie’s, but if you’re ever in Logan try out Fizz N Fryz.


15. Go to a local sports game. You’d be surprised how fun it can be going with your best friend to a game, much more enjoyable than a male. I guess, they care too much about sports? And sometimes you don’t. At least not me..


I hope some of these ideas maybe struck a lightbulb in your head. Overall, having nights with the girls is very important to me, because without my girlfriends I would honestly fall apart. SO grateful for them and all the nights and memories we have spent together. ❤

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