Why we need to stop watching and judging.

If you are LDS, you probably have been called judgmental once or twice, maybe even quite a few times. A lot of us like to think we are not judgmental towards others. However, everyone is different, and we all act differently towards others. With this, I felt I needed to get something that has been on my mind, especially while watching Lindsey Stirling’s dress blow up over social media. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to bring up this crucial subject. I am hoping not to offend anyone, please just open your hearts and minds. So here is what I have to say-

We are on this planet to be tested. We are here to be pushed, pulled, broken into little pieces, and then to overcome all the weakness. We strive to eventually stand in front of the Lord and prove that we are worthy. That is what we want and, of course, we are going to want the same for others. And so, we become “judgmental”. It’s not that we want to be judgmental, we just want others to reach the same degree of happiness as we want to reach. Which is good but, we are crossing the line. I have seen so many good people become too judgmental. I firmly believe that this is a trial we are facing nowadays as Latter Day Saints. We try too hard to make other people better. BUT guess what? We have such a forgiving, loving, beautiful savior that gave his life to make us better. He gave his life so each and every one of us could access him to become better children of God. My bishop once told me not to worry so much about another person because the Lord would take care of this individual. I just needed to trust that the Lord would watch over this person. I believe we all need to trust in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to watch over and help those that have struggled in a certain area. An individual that does something that they feel offended God should repent with their own will. It is within our relationship with God where we begin to feel and recognize wrong doings. It IS NOT our responsibility, as humans, to tell other people who are committed to our God or striving in that direction, to fix their self. We are to let our church authorities take the lead on reminding people, and from there we need to let people make decisions for their own. We have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell someone that they are living a horrible life, when they are trying. We are to focus on bettering our selves instead of finding opportunities to tell others that they are not their best self. News flash! None of us are perfect, so we have no room to judge. Each and every one of us are different. Please remember that. We are different and the Lord is going to access us in different ways and give us different trials. Heavenly Father knows what is best for us, and so he gives us trials that are going to teach us lessons that we have not yet learned.

With that, let’s all remember why we are here. Let’s remember that none of us are perfect. Let’s forget the personal trials and sins of others, and strive to better ourselves. Begin to love one another. Use prayer and personal revelation, and learn to live like our Savior. And please do not point out weaknesses in others on social media. Please.

But, most important stop watching and judging others. Watch and learn. Learn from the mistakes of others and apply it to yourself. Know that another person’s mistake is something you feel strongly about, and take that opportunity to better yourself in that certain area and become an example. I truly believe that is what we were born on this Earth to do. Become examples.

I know I’m not perfect, and I am striving to realize everyone is taking their own path and I need to put my trust in God that he will lead others into the light, like he did for me. The only thing I can do best for others is be an example. And that’s where I will start.


A striving to be not so “judgmental Mormon”,

Rylee Shae


p.s. picture was taken at the Payson Temple open house, which btw, I am IN LOVE WITH.

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  1. I’m not sure where you live or what people make up your friends and family but I get tired of everyone saying this is an lds thing to be jusgemental. I’m lds and was shocked when I saw a picture of lindsey but never would I even think about calling her out on it or saying anything that would cause harm. But I am a mother and had any of my children been old enough to notice and also be shocked we probably would have talked about it, but frankly I’m not really interested in what she does or doesn’t do. Some people processed those thoughts aloud. (Some by a very select few). See here in alabama and in my half mormon family the atheists down the street are jusgemental about this or that. Your baptist friend is judging you. Your catholic friends judge you. It’s not a trial for Latter Day Saints. It’s a trial for the human race. I think us Latter Day Saints do more harm than good by seeing one Latter Day Saint judge someone and then we all write tons of blog posts calling out all Mormons everywhere. It’s silly. I didn’t “judge” lindsey and I’m sure most members didn’t either.


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