Bringing it back to the little things


My blog was originally started to focus on the “simple things in life,” however, most of my posts have turned into controversial subjects, which tend to overcomplicate things. Oops. Sooo, I’ve decided I need a post that actually brings my main focus back to the simple things.

All in all, I really do enjoy the simplicity there is in life, but a lot of the time, especially with the world we live in, we tend to lose sight of those simple and small things, which throws us a little off balance. And honestly, sometimes all we really need to do is step back and take a look at the small things that we are losing sight of.

When was the last time you wrote in a journal to appreciate the things you have been given in this life?

When did you last give thanks to someone who served you?

Or when was the last time you served somebody besides yourself?

Have you recently looked at the world around you and appreciated the beauty in it’s creations?

Do you appreciate the way the most microscopic creations work together to keep your body healthy and strong?

We take advantage of the small things that are given to us. The world we now live in expects us to run in a technological, high advanced, faster than ever way. Our world is becoming more powerful and complicated. But, the world is fooling us. All we need in life is simplicity.

Okay, here’s a thought.

When you were born, what were you relying on for survival?

Food. Sleep. Shelter. Love.

I mean, there’s not a lot to it. However, as we grow older, we begin to think that we need ALL this money, high tech machines, and the best of the best. Our minds get so clouded by the new and improved, that we lose sight of what really is making us happy. Take some time to forget about the bigger things and focus on the small things. Once you find a balance with those small things, you start to realize that maybe life isn’t as complicated as we make it to be. I’m not saying that it is going to make the trials go away, because those are there for a reason. But, that doesn’t mean that the smaller things can’t help us refocus and bring ourselves to a happier life.

With that said, take more time to spend with those you love. Spend time in nature. Leave your phone off. Forget about the bills, just for a day or two. Try harder to be your best self. Take time to make reachable goals. Write in your journal and keep track of your best and your worst days. Read a book. Girls- go a week without any make up. Just get up and do something other than worrying about the bigger aspects of life.

I’m constantly telling myself to stop looking towards the world, but instead, to start looking towards the creation of this world. We’re just humans, and there’s only so much we can handle. The whole overcomplicating thing isn’t worth it, so…

Keep it simple,

Ryry Shae


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