Just stop.

Lets admit it. School has started, exams are sneaking up, your planner has become a mess, and life, in general, is one big “walk in the motion.” I know for me, I literally am finding hardly any time to do the things that are important because when I get time, even just an hour, all I want to do is lay down and watch Grey’s Anatomy. My life lately, is more or so on this thing I call auto-pilot.

As much as I hate to admit it, I get super lazy and like to just get away with the least amount of work. Often, I find myself going through the motions of life and not actually putting forth the most effort. It’s really sad to say because I know I am a hard worker and when I see myself not working hard, it’s like I’m becoming someone other than myself, but yet I continue to do it!! Which is even worse!! If you are anything like me, then listen up…

STOP putting everything on hold just to clear your mind and put off the stress… Because you know what? The stress will come back and when it comes back, it’s only going to be a big built up bundle of stress and anxiety. So here’s a thought. Don’t put things off. Punch life in the face and deal with things when they happen.

STOP putting yourself on auto pilot and try harder to be a better person. What’s so wrong with trying hard to be a better you? Absolutely nothing. Freaking write down your goals, go to the gym, eat healthy, serve others, study hard and believe in yourself.

STOP putting yourself down. You think you aren’t good enough to pass the test or make the cut? Trust me.. Your mentality towards yourself WILL make the difference. If you don’t think you are good enough, you aren’t. If you think you are awesome (with humility, of course), you totally are. You rock.

STOP letting life get the best of you. It’s just life. Breathe. You will get the rest of your life to make up for the bad days. The bad days come, but they only make the good days that much better.

With that, it’s never too late to try. I seriously saw how bad I was sitting on auto pilot this past month. It was almost like a slap in the face, because once I began to actually study and stop eating like crap I realized that getting a 93% on a nutrition exam and losing 3 pounds ISN’T that hard. You know what’s hard? Letting life get the best of you and falling into bad habits. So why do we do it? Who freaking knows.

So just stop. Stop where you are, change your mind set, go get em. You’re a bad A.

Ryry Shae


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