I dare you to hurt me.

I was just dancing. That’s all. When I realized, probably, one of the biggest revelations I’ve figured out thus far. I noticed that I could dance better when I could feel the pain. So, I started reflecting a little deeper. I try harder after a defeat. I give my all after I’ve fallen to the ground, hard. I’m writing this blog because I’ve been hurt. But not just because I’ve been hurt. Because I OVERCAME.

People hurt us everyday, lets be honest. To the professor who didn’t understand my excuse, to the friend who cut me deep when I needed a hand, to the audition I didn’t make, to the stranger that passed by when I needed help, or to the boy who lied and cheated. Feeling like a bee just stung you on the arm or your stomach just dropped from Everest to the Dead Sea. Some are worse than others, but they all give a good burn.

Now, I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve been hurt. Maybe because I can’t count them or maybe because that’s not my point. I’m here to tell you how I overcame. Actually, I’m here to tell you how WE all overcame. Because we have a purpose. And no, our purpose isn’t to sit on our butt and cry over the pain and losses. It’s to get up and show the world who you can become. From helping that stranger who didn’t help you, pushing and pushing until they can’t tell you that you did wrong, standing so tall that they can’t bring you down, and realizing you’re better and stronger than to be lied to and cheated on. That’s how we win life. No maybe we won’t become the most gorgeous girl on Instagram and gain thousands of followers, or maybe we won’t become something famous that everyone recognizes. But man, if my family, friends, and acquaintances can see something, then I’ve won the game. I won the battle that negativity tried to fight me with. I won. I overcame.

So, I dare you to hurt me. I dare for you to rip me into pieces. Because believe it or not.. We are capable of getting up. And believe me… I WILL stand taller than I stood before and I will do something that even you couldn’t believe. I will OVERCOME.



Go on.. I dare you to hurt me.


Ryry Shae


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