How are YOU investing in yourself?

This topic has been on my mind quite frequently lately. It started a few months ago when I realized all my clothes had holes in them and were falling apart. Being married, I really couldn’t get myself to spend money on clothes because, of course, there are many other bills to pay. But I realized something… I was investing in clothes that were cheap. I thought that if I spent $100 on 10 shirts, that was the greatest thing ever! Like a huge win for me. Until after a few washes, the clothes were struck with holes or broken straps. Sooo frustrating. So then, I guess I had some sort of “revelation” that I needed to invest in better clothes because spending $100 on maybe 2 shirts that are made with nicer material are going to last longer and be more worth the money. I decided I would write a blog named “The Sale St.” talking about this subject, but for some reason it left my mind. (I’m a full believer that if something leaves your mind, it’s not meant to be) There was definitely a reason that it left my mind.

Investing in your clothes is just one aspect of a HUGE topic. It has to do with investing in yourself. I have had conversations with several people from different areas of my life in the last month or so. Family, friends, coworkers, etc. we all are thinking the same thing. It feels so great to just invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself, there comes this kind of appreciation for yourself, you feel as if you did something for yourself for once in your life. What do I mean when I say “investing in yourself?” Let me tell you.

1. Investing in FOOD. How good do you feel after eating continuous dollar menu items from McDonalds as apposed to maybe a nicer healthy lunch? Or another great example, when you go grocery shopping and don’t buy your greens and meats because maybe frozen food is cheaper compared to your health foods. Yes, health foods are a little more pricey.. But if the inside of your body was the outside of your body, how would you be treating it? Most likely, you would spend the extra dollar or two to invest in your body to help your body grow strong and healthy. Think about it. It’s better to spend a little extra, because that little extra goes a long way in your body.

2. Investing in your SOUL. What are you doing for your soul? What are your passions? How are you growing those passions? It could be going to the gym, reading a book, blogging, taking care of a garden, reading the Bible/scriptures, or doing yoga. Whatever it is, sometimes we feel we don’t have the money or time to invest in it because we need to make more money or do something for someone else. Those are both important but that doesn’t mean you need to constantly put off investing in yourself.

3. Investing in your BRAIN. Okay, so you’re an adult now. Maybe you have graduated from school or maybe you’re still in school. Either way, are you still feeding your brain with new information or are you feeding it with the same old social media feeds? When was the last time you looked up something on the internet besides someone’s name? When did you last research a topic that interested you? Our brains need time to soak in new ideas/concepts. The more we learn, the more we become aware of the world and the better we feel about ourselves. Invest a little money to go out and learn about something new. Experience something different.

4. Investing in your time here on EARTH. News flash. One day you are going to die. One day you won’t be able to experience the good that lies on the Earth. Have you freaking realized how freaking BEAUTIFUL our planet is?!?! Ya, it’s pretty dang rad. Here’s one for you, how have you invested in exploring the planet? Forget all the materialistic things for once, and spend a little money to get out and explore. We tend to waste money on dumb little things. Every time you go to buy something dumb and not needed, put the money in a separate savings account for travel. There’s really nothing better than saving to explore the world, near or far.

5. Invest in your BODY products. Tell me that you really feel good after using thousands of chemicals on your body in one day? Tell me that your body just loves that and your skin feels the best after applying a face wash soaked in chemicals. I just started selling skin products that are naturally based and holy crap, do I feel 1000x better with my skin. This is dumb, but my skin really does feel happy. My skin is softer and cleaner than ever. I never realized that the body products that I had been buying from Bath and Body, Victoria Secret, etc. were damaging my skin so much. I think we all need to take time to invest in our body, because if you wouldn’t want to jump in a chemical shower then why would you soak yourself in chemically based products? Big difference. Make sure you look into what you’re buying because I’ve bought really expensive products from places and it’s been horrible for my skin. For this sometimes the price doesn’t matter. Invest in your body, because it’s a huge one.


Invest in yourself. Sometimes, the money really is worth it. I promise, take it from me. I know what the cheap things have done to my body and they are not worth it.

How are you going to invest in yourself today?

Do it.

And, if you care for body products that actually will help your skin glow and feel amazing visit or email me at and I will give you other tips!

Love you all. Muah.

Ryry Shae




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