A while back, I told my mom I’m scared to raise children in this world. I even face the fear of letting my little sister walk down the street alone, let alone I can’t imagine my own child. So, how do I raise children in this world? How do I raise children in this world when I’m waking up to new videos and stories of innocent people being shot to the floor? I’m even waking up to innocent people being shot down by MY OWN PROTECTION my country has to offer. And I am beyond sick and tired of it. How do you expect my husband to be licensed to carry a gun to protect my children, but once a gun is brought up, it’s okay for an officer to kill him because WE HAVE RIGHTS (a license) to carry a gun? Tell me why it’s okay for our officers to go around killing the innocent, while hundreds of shootings are happening elsewhere from people with the wrong intentions. So how am I supposed to raise a child that is not protected? The only protection that child has is our family. But how can our family protect that child while our rights are being torn to shreds. The amendments and rights that I was born and raised in, no longer are in value to many in my country. It’s like everything is corrupt. People. My country. The world. The internet. So when I raise a child, how do I raise them? Do I raise them oblivious to what this world entails? OR do I raise them in fear? Do I raise them having knowledge of guns, having the ability to be shot down for knowing what a gun is? OR do I raise them to not understand guns, completely shut off from the world? So tell me what our world is coming to. How is it completely fair to kill off innocent human beings while the murders get to hang around? I can’t wake up to stories as such. Watching children cry into the arms of others, knowing that their parent was just executed by their protection in their country. Watching videos of mass attacks because of race, religion, community, etc. So, what if my child grows up watching shootings of a certain group of people, then tell me how is my child supposed to know that we are all treated equally? How is my child supposed to learn from the world that you can be who you want to be? Because if you do something a certain way, you are attacked. All that’s becoming of this world is fear. The simplicity of being a human being and living a normal simple life is being shaken. Trusting in others around us is being questioned. We are being used and abused by so many. So again, how do I raise my children in this world? I guess you could say, faith. Faith that as human race we can overcome. Faith that we can love each other no matter where we come from or how we live life. Faith that we can stand together and help each other get through the hard times. But certainly, faith that we can protect each other. That is how I want to raise my child. I want to raise my child strong in their beliefs, but appreciative of others and how they live life. I want my child to find comfort and protection by having a gun, but not threatened. I want my child to have faith that a day of school can be a day of enriching education and knowledge, and not a blood war. But the thing is.. If we let fear get the best of us, then how are things going to change? They won’t. The only way we can set a new tone for our world is by having faith, sticking together, and appreciating one another. Without faith that our world can change, how do I raise my children in this world?

Ryry Shae



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