The Demon On My Shoulder

Okay, so we all know the typical argument between the devil and the angel sitting upon your shoulders, fighting endlessly over which decision would be “best for you to choose.” To give you a better picture, on the Emperor’s New Groove when Kronk is faced with his angel and devil.. That’s right, now you can see it. Technically, this is all a metaphor. However, this occurs quite often in our lifetimes.

You were born into this world taking your first breath of new life. At that first breath, you began to face a new life of no knowledge or understanding of what this life would be to come. But somehow, with each passing year, we learn. We learn the ways of our culture. We walk in the ways of our parents. We experience with our friends. We begin a journey that is molded by our decisions. Some good, some bad. Either way, we have learned decisions.

Stop for a second.. Each and every one of us took a breath of new life. Our personality was not yet constructed within ourself. This can only mean one thing.. Every person came into this world with generally good intentions. Which means that devil and that angel led us step by step to a place we now stand.

I’d like to talk about this place we all stand. Somehow, our society has fixed our focus on “perfection” and “happiness.” But let me tell you, that’s actually not a thing, because as bad as we want to believe it… We all have demons our shoulders. Now, it might be hard to understand, but let me tell you my story.

Without releasing all my demons, I want to explain. I remember being a child. Everything was so easy. My decisions consisted of if I should play a game first then do my 20 mins of homework and vise versa. I began to develop habits which I placed in myself. I developed a love for mankind. I developed a love for the world around me, but I forgot to develop a love that mattered most. A love for myself. My first demon had formed.

As I got older, I began to follow paths of my friends and family. I listened and learned. Good decisions and bad, that angel and demon still sat on my shoulders while each direction was led.. Back and forth, and back and forth, they argued and each decision led to a different place. Sometimes that angel took charge and a lesson was learned or the demon jumped in and more demons formed.

By the time I reached college, I knew my demons, and I knew them pretty dang well. One thing I’ve come to realize is that everyone has demons. And now, this world today has either

1. defined you by your demons


2. thrown your demons in the basement for nobody to see

The one point I really want to make is that everybody is good. Generally and deeply, all people have good intentions. No, you don’t get the right to judge someone because you haven’t met their demons. Maybe if you took a second to meet that demon on their shoulder, you would have the decency to stop and care for that individual. That demon didn’t get there by their free will. I guarantee that individual didn’t decide randomly one day, especially in their youth, “I want a demon on my shoulder that is going to control my actions for the rest of my life.” Nobody wants to feel helpless. Nor do they want to feel helpless to that demon on their shoulder.

So many demons are out there and they thrive on our shoulders. Those people who exist in situations over-powered by that demon ARE NOT bad people and that demon SHOULD NOT define them.

Demons of:

Fear, Self-Doubt, Alcoholism, Knowledge, Porn, Money, Food, Abuse, etc.


I know for me, my demons have made things hard. Sometimes, really hard. But you need to choose if that demon is going to control your life. Yes, that demon will form no matter what. It’s psychology people. Experiences and decisions affect you and WILL make a huge impact in your life. BUT, do you have the strength and the will power to overcome that demon? That’s the real question.

However, before you’re quick to judge the wrongs of other people, look to your shoulder and ask yourself what are your demons really doing..





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