To my daughter.

Little one.  I need you to remember…

I need you to remember how beautiful you are because one day, you will need to know that, without a doubt.  There will be people who tear you apart. They will rip you to shreds and I need you to remember how beautiful you are. Your beauty will shine through all troubles, if you let it. Your beautiful smile and those glowing eyes, so naive to what is yet to come. So don’t worry, just remember you are beautiful, inside and out.

I need you to remember the love that exists within you and all things created. It’s okay if you or people around you seem to be full of hatred. Don’t let it hurt you because there’s so much love in you and everyone else. There’s always one spark of love, somewhere, so don’t ever think it burns out. It will always exist in all things created on this Earth. Always search for that love, because you can never get enough love and good things while living this journey called life.

I need you to remember that we are always learning. Nobody really knows or understands anything fully. We are always learning, so make mistakes and learn a little more. It’s okay to fail. We fail all the time. But, what matters most is that you learn and you learn to get up and try again. There’s so much knowledge to taste, so take your time and eat it all up. The more full you are, the more you will get to enjoy every opportunity you get. Take them all. Live and learn.

I need you to remember that through it all, family is what matters. You will be judged and ridiculed, but that’s okay because your family will always love and support you. We will pray for you, constantly, in hopes that you can understand that our family is most important. Family will be your backbone, and in time of need you will rely on us. Don’t feel the need to do it by yourself, because life is easier in numbers. We will always be here, and that’s what matters most.

I need you to remember that no matter what anyone tells you, you ARE a princess. You are a daughter of a king who gave you life on this planet and he wants you to be happy. You can have anything you want, if you shoot for it. He will allow you to do anything and everything you want. So, make a path and don’t stop paving until you get what you want. If you run into a bump, pray and He will help guide you down that path. He knows the way.

Lastly, I need you to remember that we love you and that this life is worth living. There is so much to see and you deserve every second you can get. Don’t take it for granted. Times may get hard, but they get better. You will be surprised by the load of hardships you can get through. The funny thing is, you’ll get stronger. So, push baby girl. Push on and don’t give up.



Your mommy,

Rylee Shae


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