Hero of Love

-Recently, the Bucket List Family offered a challenge/giveaway to “Spread Love.” I took this as the perfect opportunity to express some thoughts I’ve had with so many tragedies occurring. There are so many great ways to spread love and a great resource for me that I have found is to spread love via my blogging and internet interactions. –


When the Las Vegas shooting happened, I was beyond devastated because I was in Las Vegas the night before with my husband, little-brother-in-law, newborn baby, friends, and their newborn baby. It really hit home, but the first thing that hit me with the shooting was why someone could possibly justify the idea of shooting a group of concert attendees, obviously on vacation, enjoying a weekend outside of the “ordinary lifestyle.” Yes, it’s so frustrating and even more frustrating that there was no motive announced. But, the one thing I have really discovered about these overwhelming tragedies is how it brings people together and greatness begins to happen.

You know in the movies when you see heroic acts performed by fictional characters? You think, “Wow, I am truly inspired.” Then, you face the fact that you are not a super hero or you will never be strong enough or powerful enough to perform such a heroic act. Well, that’s what I want to talk about, because we are all capable and much more capable than we think.

So, here were all these country-music fans, many in some sort of intoxicated state, standing up against one of the biggest mass murders in modern American history. No, they did not think they would become heroes and most likely did not feel like a hero during the tragedy, and possibly still don’t feel like a hero. But, you know what defines a hero?… A person that starts with a little leap of faith and a whole lot of love. Without love for others, many people would not have had the courage to help one another. They would have been lost and broken.

I know I have said and wrote about this many times before, but I like to think of love as a little spark. The kind of spark that happens when an electrical circuit begins to form. The more energy we get from these circuits, the greater the output. Love begins with something so simple, so beautiful.. A little spark. When we really expand love and build upon it, we too can create a great output. Something like what happened during the Las Vegas shooting, and continues to happen.

Now along with these circuits of love, we get our electromagnetic waves of love. Waves that send this energy beyond the origin. It expands and reaches to areas that once were thought impossible. We too can find this love expanding and radiating from such a tragedy. Crazy, huh? A tragedy brings so much love and spreads that love. Oh, but wait only because people found love and decided to magnify it and spread it throughout our nation.

So, I guess you could say it is crazy to think that love brought something great from a tragic event. However, think about it for a minute.. If a spark of love can exist around the darkest of times, imagine what it could do during some of the lighter times? And that’s the challenge. How are you spreading love in the lighter of times? When you woke up and went about your daily routine, did you think to spread love? Most important did you spread love to yourself? Then, your loved ones? Then, the strangers you met throughout the drive, working your morning drink spot, and the faces that seemingly passed throughout the day?

For me at least, I think “Ya, I’ve spread love today.” In all honesty, as I begin to reflect, I realize how much love I could’ve spread, but didn’t think to. So as a personal goal, I’m striving to spread more love because I personally have felt the affects and seen the impact on others, and that is truly priceless. I’m heartbroken, but also grateful for this tragedy because it seems to wake us up and remind us that there is love that still exists amongst the dark times. I pray for those who have been affected and hope to get opportunities to spread the love beyond the tragedy.



Rylee Shae

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