Ivy’s Birth Story.

Well, we made it and that is all that matters. It was quite the birth story, so here goes nothing…

Brax and I went to the hospital on July 11th at 8:00 pm to be induced on my 39 week mark. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so it was necessary to be induced early. The day of the 11th was full of fun. Brax and I made sure to get our last Olive Garden lunch in. And of course I had to get my last shopping trip in. A worker even asked me when I was due.. Well, I was going in that night to have my baby… LOL. I think she was confused!!

We arrived at the McKay-Dee Hospital and got things started. That night consisted of waiting and waiting. After not a lot of progression with the first drugs, they decided to finally start me on Pitocin at about 230 or 3 in the morning. That’s when the REAL fun began… NOT! About a half hour into the Pitocin (about 3 cm dilated) the contractions were definitely not anything I could handle. While Brax is on the chair trying to stay awake, dosing in and out, I am literally clenching the hospital bed. He kept telling me to get the epidural, but I PROMISED myself I would wait until I was 4cm dilated. Little to say… I broke that promise. After one huge contraction, I literally called in the nurse faster than anything that was yet to happen that whole day. I’m not joking hahah… Longest day ever. So in came the anesthesiologist and the nurse crew. Let me tell you, the epidural was the best and easiest thing I had done that whole day. Thank the heavens above.

Brax and I are literally laughing and having the time of our lives. I kept joking around saying how the epidural made me feel like I was sitting in the hot tub (I was on drugs, so there’s that). I kept saying it was the best I felt my whole pregnancy! Seriously, it was. But, all that happiness soon turned to fear. I turned to look at the nurses whose happy, giggling faces had turned a 180. Fear was flooding from their eyes. I will never forget the look on their faces, as I sat there confused about the change in atmosphere. Everything happened so fast, it was a blur. Somehow I ended up with an oxygen mask on my face, as another lady came flying in with a needle, meanwhile my husband looked like he was going to have a heart attack. The lady with the needle came straight to my arm and gave me the shot. Come to find out I had a massive and long contraction that made Ivy’s heart rate of 140s drop to 60. It was definitely a big scare, but Ivy eventually jumped back to her normal heart rate. The only side effect was that I was shaking uncontrollably for about 30 mins to an hour from the shot they gave me. When I mean shaking uncontrollably, I mean I couldn’t even hold my phone. It was hilarious. Well, after the fact it was.

So, here I am… Stuck on that bed for another 3 hours while they kept me off the pitocin to keep my little Ivy safe. I really just wanted her out. Eventually, they put me on a small dosage of the pitocin. Lots of family came by to see me, which definitely helped. Thank you to everyone who came and kept me busy, and not to mention kept my husband sane too hahah! By about 1 in the afternoon, I was really starting to progress. We knew she would be there in a few hours. So about 3:00 I was 8 cm dilated.. PARTY. We called up the family and told them to get ready and head up to the hospital.

At this point, I was hitting the epidural button every 20 mins. The pain was getting real. My back was shot (no position was comfortable, contractions were a bother, and my no sleep brain was over it. My emotions were on overdrive. I. Was. Done. I remember my brothers coming in and they ended up leaving without even speaking to me because I was curled into my pillow crying. I honestly thought I couldn’t take it any longer. I just wanted my baby to come, strength to move my back into a comfortable position, and some freaking water! Man, was I craving water.

So the fun dragged on.. When we were thinking I was ready to go, my doctor made it to the hospital. She checked me and looked at my new nurse… 6 cm dilated.. Wait what? I thought I was at 8 cm? I was beyond confused. My doctor told me that little Ivy was trying to come out and instead of coming out, she was making the passage way swell. So at 5:30 pm after about 20.5 hours of labor she gives me two options.

1. Just end this now


2. Try for a little longer then end it if I’m not progressing.

The funny thing was both of my options ended in “ending it” which was definitely code for c-section. We decided to wait a half hour then decide if a c-section was for sure needed. Brax and I talked then called in my mom who happened to have almost the exact situation happen to her.. Ironic? My husband and I were a wreck and altogether exhausted.. My mom talked me through the c-section until I felt confident that I could do it. Brax and I had the feeling to go through. My doctor told us she thought it would be best. SO LETS DO IT!

We got all prepped and ready… With the unfortunate event of me throwing up all the meds for the surgery. Oops. I really tried to hold them in. I even thought the “sour medicine” tasted good because I was so freaking starving, but apparently my stomach did not think they tasted that great to stay.

Surgery time.

Okay, so I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and I thought it was so cool going into the OR. I felt like I was in a Grey’s episode. Pretty soon McDreamy would come in and help with surgery (my goodness, I’m glad it wasn’t brain surgery though).

No, but my surgical team was awesome and I applaud them because they dealt with me that whole surgery. They turned on a station that played acoustic tunes, which is my favorite type of music. Thank goodness for Brax and the music, because it kept me partly sane through this horrific process.

*My favorite song, “Like Real People Do,” by Hozier turned on during the c-section. It’s kind of like Ivy’s song now. So the video at the bottom is to that song for a reason.*

The beginning of this process started out with some pokes, and I was confused because I could feel them. I was sure to let them know. It got better for a second. Then, there was pain. My insides were literally getting pulled apart and I could definitely feel it. I think they probably got sick of me saying “OUCH,” because… I mean.. How does a girl react when she can feel her insides getting torn apart. Ivy arrives at 7:07 pm (we were really hoping it would be 7:12 because born on 7/12 at 7:12 would’ve been awesome) and they brought her sweet face next to mine. The only thing getting me through at this point was her cheek pressed against mine. My world was turned around. They took her out and I’m beginning to think the pain is over.

Oh, hell no.

The. Worst. Pain. I’ve. Ever. Freaking. Experienced.

It’s fine. My husband was out with the baby at this point and I’m legit freaking out. The left side of my body, particularly my rib cage, feels like it is getting sliced open. I could feel more medicine getting pumped into my spine, but this helped for maybe like 1 minute? Then I would say something again, then more was pumped into my spine… So it went.  Pure misery. Good heavens.

After the pure misery, was luckily the most precious time of my life. I got to hold the most precious form of life in my arms for the first time. It was truly such a happy time. I was definitely still out of it from the drugs and meds, so I was really foggy but it was so amazing to have her out and in my arms. It just kept getting better. The family came. I got some water. Brax brought me chicken fingers and fries, which I could FINALLY have after not being a “gestational diabetic” anymore… Side note, we did have a scare when Ivy’s blood sugar was 20 when we got to the Post-Partum unit. They ran her to the NICU for testings and to put a sugar patch on. Luckily, her blood sugar came back up within a couple days of monitoring.

We are so happy and grateful now. It was definitely a rough 24 hours, but our sweet girl was happy and healthy weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and measuring 20 inches in length. Unfortunately, she had to sit under lights due to high bilirubin levels, but that adjusted back to normal, as well. We got really comfortable in the hospital for 5 days and by the end, my favorite chicken fingers were becoming bland. My recovery was so speedy fast and I felt like I could run a marathon the next weekend. I wish..

*ADVICE: Anyone who has a c-section, I HIGHLY recommend getting up and walking with help right after your c-section. Then continue to walk around as much as possible after that. My mom told me to do this and man it was the key to a speedy recovery. I was up doing laundry and cleaning the day after getting back from the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who supported us, gave advice, and sent gifts/flowers. We love you all.

Here is a video I made to keep for Ivy. Keep in mind I wanted to make a really cute video, but all the unexpected events led to hardly any footage so I pulled some pictures and videos we had. AND, I used the basic iMovie software to make this so it is no professional video hahahah! Don’t judge. It’s mostly just a keepsake and not to make her birth story look glamorous.


Rylee Shae

p.s. If you wanted to know my middle name isn’t Shae on my birth certificate because my dad forgot to put it on while my mom was recovering from her c-section… So, we officially gave Ivy the middle name I’ve never actually had (;

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